How to set up sticker sheet files

How to set up sticker sheet files

How to create your buttons ready for print!

First, download our template! Remember that these files need to be saved as PSD, TIF or PDF as we need the layers! You can submit two separate files, but layers make it easier.

Copy and paste your sticker sheet background design on it:

Now add the artwork that you want to be the stickers!:

We gotta add a border to it! We double click on the layer to open the layer attributes window (or we simply add stroke with Edit > Stroke), we make the border at least 10px thick and we change the color to what we want:

Looks good! Now we gotta define the cutting shapes:

I prefer to rasterize the stroke effect to work better. I create a new layer on top, and merge them together. This quickly flattens the layer style. If we click on the layer image (yellow circle) while holding CTRL, everything in our layer will be selected, like so:

Now we gotta define our cutting shape. If you want your border to be ONLY of the stroke color, you have to contract your selection by 2 or 3 pixels. If not, skip this step:

Now we simply fill the Cut Shape layer with black, and our cut shape is ready!:

This is how your file should look like:

And here’s your sticker sheet ready to be printed! If you’re uploading a .PSD file, zip it first to be able to upload it using our website. Happy stickers!