How to set up die-cut sticker files

How to set up your files for Stickers!

First, have your artwork ready, in a single layer with transparent background! Copy and paste your design on our templates:

Resize your image so it fits inside our templates. Make sure there’s enough space for the white (or any other color) border you’ll have to add!

Now, it’s time to add the border! You can select the image and add a stroke via the Edit dropdown menu, or you can add it with the Layer style menu! Access it via the icon on the Layer window (where the yellow circles are).

With these settings, your image will be ready for us!

Now, see those areas in between the balloon where we can see the background? If you don’t want those cut out, you’ll have to fill them up with the same color as the border we just added! So we create a layer underneath our artwork…

…and we simply fill it in with the brush tool!

Finally, you may merge the design and filling layers, and hide the background layer to see what your final sticker will look like! Now you’re ready to send us your files and get amazing stickers in the mail! 😀