How to create your buttons ready for print!

First, download our template! Copy and paste your design on it:

Resize your image, and make sure all the important bits are inside the red circle that indicates the Safe Zone:

It's very important that your artwork extends past the Safe Zone and covers all the Bleed Area, to not have blank areas on your button! Here I lowered the opacity on the bleed area to show you:

Time to add your domain or signature, so people know who made the art! Let's use the text tool...

...and change the size of the text so it's not taller than the maroon disk:

Using the Warp Text tool (the T with the curve underneath, on the top bar), we can add a curve to the text so it wraps around our button border:

We can also add a border to it! You can select the image and add a stroke via the Edit dropdown menu, or you can add it with the Layer style menu! Access it via the icon on the Layer window:

Make sure it fits well within the border!:

And here it is! Your button is ready to be pressed by Lord Sticks-a-lot!

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